Madalyn Manzeck photographed by Moriah Ziman in 2018. 

Madalyn Manzeck photographed by Moriah Ziman in 2018. 

 Madalyn Joy Manzeck graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with Dean's High Honors in May 2016. She received a Bachelor of Science in Textile and Apparel Design. She was the President of her major's student organization, Apparel and Textile Association (ATA), and was a recipient of the prestigious YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund's scholarship. She has interned with Paul Andrew and Donna Karan at New York Fashion Week and spent the summer of 2015 as the Fabric Research and Development intern at Global Brands Group located in the Empire State Building in New York City. Madalyn launched her own fashion design blog, Designed By Madalyn Joy, in November 2016.  

Instead of working her way up the corporate ladder, upon graduation Madalyn decided to pursue her own designs and works as a fashion designer creating bespoke items for her own brand, Madalyn Joy Designs. She opened a studio space in Port Washington, WI where she works on her custom designs and meets with clients for appointments and fittings. She absolutely loves working one on one with her clients and enjoys working on the entire design process from start to finish. Madalyn Joy Designs debuted the "Flora and Fauna" collection in September at Milwaukee Fashion Week and had the distinct honor of winning the Fashion Designer of the Year 2017 Award. Designs from the collection were recently chosen to be featured in the Runway 27 fashion show at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York City.



Milwaukee Fashion Week 2017 People's Choice Superlative Awards

"Best Presentation" 

"Most Likely To Be A Fashion Icon" 


Milwaukee Fashion Week's "Designer of the Year" 2017





Taylor Fredrick, Nicole Petrie, and Madalyn Manzeck photographed by Moriah Ziman in 2018. 

Taylor Fredrick, Nicole Petrie, and Madalyn Manzeck photographed by Moriah Ziman in 2018. 

  Madalyn Joy Designs is an award winning bespoke lingerie company that embraces and celebrates contemporary femininity, body positivity, and female empowerment. The modern woman who wears Madalyn Joy lingerie feels beautiful and confident while rocking classic silhouettes with delicate lacy details and modern bold lines. Today’s modern woman is complex and multi-faceted and Madalyn Joy lingerie has been developed with that lifestyle in mind. Madalyn Joy Designs empowers women by offering an exclusive bespoke lingerie service that allows the client to customize her product from fit to style.


    Lingerie has literally shaped the roles of women throughout history. The body shapes achieved by lingerie have demonstrated women’s roles in society over time whether that be a housewife or a factory worker. Undergarments and lingerie are not just beautiful pieces of lace—they are a reflection of political, cultural, ethical, societal, and religious views. As a designer, I hope my designs capture the essence of the times and show that women do not need just sports bras or push up bras, but something in between that is beautiful yet functional. 


    Madalyn Joy lingerie encourages women to feel beautiful and confident in their own skin, no matter what shape and size. The most rewarding part about working with intimates is seeing how my designs fit and flatter the female figure and show off certain features such as a peek of a leg through a daring slit. The Madalyn Joy woman dresses for herself. She is beautiful, confident, fearless, and most importantly, loves herself for who she is. 






Sketches and illustrations by Madalyn Manzeck. Photographed by Moriah Ziman in 2018. 

Sketches and illustrations by Madalyn Manzeck. Photographed by Moriah Ziman in 2018. 

    Designed By Madalyn Joy is a fashion design blog that takes the reader behind the scenes of the design process. Everything from the initial concept and inspiration to the sketches to the draping and sewing to the final garment. Clothing is a part of everyone's daily lives but most people do not actually knows what goes into making it! Here you will see every single inspirational image, hand drawn sketch, stitch of the hem, and completed, styled look. 

   In addition to a behind the scenes look of the design process, all the final garments will be styled with accessories, shoes, handbags, and beauty looks. This makes the designed garments feel more approachable and attainable. All of the looks are available for purchase and if you decide to purchase one of the looks, you will already know how to style it! Voila! Now that is what I call making fashion magic happen!

   The best part is if you do not see something that tickles your fancy, I can design and create something specifically for you in your size. Yes, you heard that right! I can create something from your wildest dreams and make it become a fashion reality. Again, making fashion magic happen!

   Even though the fashion blogging market is completely over saturated, I feel a fashion blog is the best platform to showcase and display not only my designs but also add a touch of my personal style. The fact that the majority of the looks featured on the blog will be designed specifically for the blog really adds a fresh and unique perspective to the fashion blogging world. 

   At the very least I hope to provide some fashion and style inspiration to all of you whether that be a new way to accessorize your LBD or to finally take the plunge on rocking a gold velvet evening gown. Regardless, I am here to help!

   So what are you waiting for!? Head on over to Designed By Madalyn Joy and see what look you want to add to your wardrobe next! 







Nicole Petrie wearing Madalyn Joy Designs with hair by Taylor Fredrick photographed by Moriah Ziman in 2018. 

Nicole Petrie wearing Madalyn Joy Designs with hair by Taylor Fredrick photographed by Moriah Ziman in 2018. 

  I have always been a creative type and growing up I always felt in my element when I could let my vivid imagination run wild and create drawings, paintings, sculptures, etc. in art class. I absolutely loved the act of creating and taking my ideas and manifesting them in a physical form. When I discovered the world of fashion at the age of twelve, my fate as a designer was sealed.

   I quickly realized that reading and writing about fashion was simply not enough; I wanted to physically create the designs I had floating around in my head. My designs are a direct reflection of my experiences, thoughts, and ideas about my life at that moment. Fashion allows me to communicate to the world without even saying a word.  

   The focus of my designs is to capture the beauty of life and manifest that through a tangible, wearable garment. I strive to balance fantasy and function in all of my designs. To me, a design is successful when the person wearing it feels like the most beautiful and confident version of themselves. 

   In a world where fast fashion is all the rage, I want to preserve the craft of bespoke designing and sewing. Today, it is rare that a garment is made to truly fit someone's figure but instead we all just squeeze into standard sized garments because we are made to feel our unique body shapes are not important. Whether it is a size 0 or a size 20, I want to create beautiful garments for beautiful people that maybe have a little extra to love or just want to show off what their mama gave them! Either way, if you've got it, flaunt it.

   So now that you know how Madalyn Joy Designs work, what can I start designing for you? Is it a beautiful lace robe for your wedding day or is it a sexy satin evening gown for a gala? Whichever you choose, I know it comes in your size and is truly one of a kind. 






Q: Did you always want to be a fashion designer?

A: No, I did not always want to be a fashion designer! When I was in grade school my dream was to get into Harvard, attend medical school, and become a cardiologist at The Johns Hopkins Hospital. I even went on a college visit to Harvard when I was in the eighth grade because I was that determined to make my dream become a reality!

Needless to say, I did not always want to be a fashion designer. My life took a complete 180 degree turn when I realized at age 16 that fashion could be more than just a hobby. I was taking private sewing lessons and it was my sewing instructor who informed me that having a career in fashion was a reality, not just a dream. After all, the fashion industry is a multi billion dollar international industry and everyone wears clothes so there are most definitely job opportunities!


Q: How did you get into the lingerie niche?

A: It was a happy accident! During my Junior year of college, I purchased a delicate black lace to make an evening gown. Once I received the lace I thought it would look better as a floor length robe. The feedback I received in my critique was that lingerie is what I should do-it was my niche! Once I realized that lingerie fit all my design interests and desires, I decided to do my Senior Thesis on lingerie and have obviously continued with it ever since!


Q: What has been the most challenging aspect of starting your own fashion business at 23?

A: The most challenging aspect has been generating a profit. The small amounts of money the business does make goes right back into the business. I don’t even get a paycheck right now even though I am working 24/7. So I am hoping to start generating an income through different business tactics and opportunities.


Q: Do you design and sew all your garments?

A: Yes! Many people think that I have my designs manufactured in a factory but I currently design and sew every garment myself with the help of my interns.


Q: Do you wear your own designs on a daily basis?

A: No! I always say I am too busy making garments for everyone else that I don’t have time to make my own clothes. The only garment that I will make for myself is my wedding dress someday.


Q: Where do you get your fabrics and materials?

A: A variety of places! I like to shop at Joann’s for basics, Mood fabrics, Etsy shops, and various other online retailers.


Q: For what occasions are your designs meant to be worn?

A: Essentially I am trying to create a new genre with my designs. I want to bridge the gap between haute couture, lingerie, and ready to wear and create embellished lingerie pieces that can be worn as ready to wear. I am embracing the idea of innerwear as outerwear!


Q: Where do you get your inspiration from?

A: I have two main sources of inspiration: haute couture and women.

I am really inspired by haute couture techniques, materials, and finishings. I really like incorporating those delicate details, such as hand sewn appliques, into my lingerie designs to really add that “wow” factor.

Women are a constant source of inspiration for me, especially all of the women in my life including both family and friends. I am creating garments for the female figure so I am always inspired by the female body.