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Taylor Fredrick wearing Madalyn Joy Designs photographed by Rebekah Luedcke. 2017. 

Taylor Fredrick wearing Madalyn Joy Designs photographed by Rebekah Luedcke. 2017. 

Happy 24th Birthday, Taylor! I hope you enjoy the amazing year that is ahead of you!

Taylor and I have quite literally known each other for 20 years which is super crazy to think about! We met when we were in preschool together at St. John's Lutheran Academy right here in Port Washington and remained friends all the way through grade school, high school, and college.

The best part about a lifelong friend is that you are pretty much stuck together for life! I think if we've already made it 20 years that we can make it another 20 years for sure. I really love the flexibility of our friendship. Some times we go weeks without seeing each other and some times we see each other three times in one week, but every time we see each other, it is like we never skipped a beat... we pick right back up where we left off! 

Taylor is literally THE best friend ever. She is so sweet and supportive and is always the first one willing to attend any fashion event I may have whether that be a fashion show or a magazine launch party. We definitely bond over our weirdness and our knack to make each other laugh until our abs are sore. She is so beautiful, sweet, kind, caring, hilarious, and always has the best hair. I mean look at that gorgeous rosรฉ hair!!

So for Valentine's Day I knew I wanted to make Taylor something special just to say thank you for being such a fabulous friend. I opted for this bright and bold floral print because it just reminded me of Taylor and her personality. I went for more of a kimono style with this robe so it was really roomy and comfortable-perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon. I just absolutely adore how the robe turned out and love how the robe complements Taylor's new hair color. 

Cheers to turning 24, Taylor! May it be the best year yet!


Madalyn Joy