Nicole, Moriah, and I have been working together for exactly 2 years this month so I wanted to put together a blog post to share our adventures together the past couple of years. I met Moriah at a shoot for Moda Magazine and I instantly fell in love with her work. I knew right away I wanted her to photograph my Senior Thesis collection. I met Nicole through the Threads Fashion Show where I was debuting my Senior Thesis collection. Nicole was walking for me in the show and actually ended up closing the whole show in the LED light up bra I had designed for her to wear. 

It was so magical the first time we all worked together that I knew it wouldn't be the last! Moriah is so extremely talented and she is just graduating from UW-Madison this May. I absolutely adore her photography style and every single video she has ever created. She has such an eye for unique and interesting angles. Moriah really is a storyteller and always captures my designs in the most beautiful way. 

Nicole and I connected the first time we met over our love of lingerie. She came up to me at the look book photo shoot for the fashion show and asked if she could model some of my lingerie. I didn't even have to think twice about it! Nicole has such a sweet soul and humble heart that I just adore working with her. She knows how to work her body and the best angles to get the shot. 

I like working with Nicole and Moriah so much because it truly doesn't feel like work! We all trust each other and go into each shoot with a general idea and concept but always leave room to get creative during the shoots whether it be Nicole trying a new pose or Moriah trying a new lense. 

Below I have shared photos from our very shoot together to the Flora and Fauna collection to our most recent shoot just a couple weeks ago. I simply cannot express my love and gratitude for these talented women in just one blog post but it definitely is a good start! Make sure to scroll down to read a bit from both Moriah and Nicole. 

As a model, feeling comfortable and confident on set is very important to the quality of the end photo. This is why the pictures that Madalyn, Moriah, and I produce are always so beautiful. These women are so fun and supportive that we never feel like we are at work when we are working together. It is not unlikely for us to have mini dance breaks and fits of laughing in between shots. It really is true that if you love what you do (and who you do it with), you will never work a day in your life. Getting to work with this team on numerous projects throughout the years and watching everyone improve in their craft has been such an honor and I can only hope that we continue to work and create together for many more years to come!
— Nicole Petrie, model
I have been on many shoots over the past two years, but working with Nicole and Madalyn and all of the amazing women she brings together is always such a great experience. From her beautiful designs and delicately crafted lingerie, to her positive attitude and bubbly personality, Madalyn always makes my job seem like not a job at all! She gives me the creative freedom to make work that not only she can use for her portfolio, but work that I am proud to share myself. Madalyn thoughtfully created this dream team of powerful women, a group that I am so happy to have been a part of over the last couple of years. I have seen so much growth in Madalyn as a designer and Nicole as a model and I cannot wait to see what they do in the future.
— Moriah Ziman, photographer

Thank you so much Nicole and Moriah for always willing to work on whatever crazy projects I throw your way! You both are SO extremely talented and the work we have created together over the past two years has been some of my all time favorite work. I am so thankful we all were able to meet in Madison and continue to make amazing work ever since! Love you both and only wish you the best on your future endeavors!


Madalyn Joy