Mood board and illustration by Madalyn Manzeck. 2016. 

Mood board and illustration by Madalyn Manzeck. 2016. 

If there ever was a dress that was a physical manifestation of a dreamy cloud, this would be it!  I did NOT design and construct this dress but I still wanted to create a mood board and illustration. I am trying to create more physical mood boards in my sketchbook so I can have a physical portfolio of my process in addition to a digital one.

I personally have always had a difficult time documenting my design process. It is not because it does not happen nor that I do not like it, but I have always struggled with allowing myself to share thoughts, ideas, designs, drawings, etc. that are still "in the works." I have always thought once it is finished, then I will share it which is a completely silly mindset to possess. So I am trying my very best to show more of the process. I mean that was the whole idea of this blog space in the first place! 

Even for garments I do not make, I still will include sketches, drawings, and mood boards. Essentially designing backwards which is an amazing design challenge in and of itself. 

This is one of my favorite dresses that I have ever owned simply because it is so unique and a combination of many of my favorite things: tulle, Swiss dots, tiered layers, fun sleeves, illusion neckline, and a bow tie around the neck. I simply cannot wait to share the entire look with you all on Wednesday but for not I will leave you with the mood board and sketch. Enjoy!


Madalyn Joy