Madalyn Manzeck photographed by Cassie Sterwald in her new studio space in Port Washington, WI. 2017. 

Madalyn Manzeck photographed by Cassie Sterwald in her new studio space in Port Washington, WI. 2017. 

Welcome to my new studio space! I am so very excited to be sharing the new space with you today! Since it has been about 2 months since I officially moved in, I thought it would be fun to just share the story of how I found the space, how it all came together, and how much I love having a proper place to work from. 

At the beginning of February my mom and I had started to look around for different studio spaces that were available in Ozaukee County. I had half of my bedroom set up as my studio for all of my hobby sewing needs but once I started pursuing my designs full time, my mom and I quickly realized that I had outgrown the space. I needed a space where I could comfortably work on projects and meet with clients. We started looking around and found a space in Cedarburg that was available but it just came with too many responsibilities and the rent was WAY too much! 

So we headed to Port Washington (which is only a 10-15 minute drive from where we live) and started popping our heads into doors asking people about available studio/office spaces. We had been striking out all day and just when we were about to give up, we walked on over across the street to check out just one more place. We were snooping around and peeking into windows and doors, trying to see what was available and what was taken. It was quite literally the very last space we stopped at that turned out to be the winner. Best for last, for sure!!

It was the ideal size and location, amazing natural light, perfect rent with all utilities included, and I even knew the landlord! It was truly like it was meant to be because within three days of finding the space, I had the lease signed, security deposit paid, and keys in my hand. It felt amazing to have a space that was truly mine and dedicated to all my sewing needs. Now came the fun, yet challenging part, of decorating the space. 

I began by moving everything in that I currently had like my sewing machine, serger, dress form, garments, and drawing supplies. It took a solid month of furniture shopping to find just the right pieces for the space. Thankfully I had my good friend, Anna, come to the interior decorating rescue! She is such a talented decorating goddess that I genuinely do not know what I would have done without her. She found my tufted velvet chairs and poof and designed the entire gallery wall. She brought all of my ideas to life and I cannot thank her enough! Also, a huge thank you to my parents for helping me move furniture in and out and in out for just about a whole month trying to get the combination of items JUST right. I think we finally have a winner! ;) 

I love my studio space SO much because it makes such a difference having a proper studio space to work in instead of cramped into half a bedroom. I enjoy having a place where I "go to work" every day and truly love visiting with all my neighbors/co-workers! Even though I don't technically work with other people, I still see my studio neighbors every day and have made some really crazy and cool connections that way too! My favorite part of having my first studio space is all of the amazing people that I have had the opportunity of meeting and even collaborating with. Everyone has been so incredibly supportive and genuinely interested in what I do since there really isn't anything quite like it around here. 

Today, I am actually meeting with Mitch from the Ozaukee Press because they reached out and wanted to do a story about me and my business. I was so surprised when they asked and I mean, it was a total no brainer! I am so humbled and honored and cannot wait to share the final story with you all next week! 

As always, thank you so very much for stopping by and checking in to see what's new! God's Blessings on your Easter weekend and I hope it is filled with family, friends, and way too much food!


Madalyn Joy