Today Styled By Madalyn Joy is giving Forever Young Photography a warm welcome to the blog! I am so thrilled to be featuring Rebekah Luedcke of Forever Young Photography. We met just about two months ago now through our mutual friend, Bonnie Neumann, and ever since we have been making fashion magic happen!

Rebekah (who prefers to go by Becky) is a very talented photographer and she just photographed my latest lingerie collection for my website. I just absolutely adore how the photos turned out! I strive for a light, bright, and airy feel for all my collection photos and Becky achieved just that. She understood what I was looking for right away! #dreamteam

Becky and I chatted about her photography business last week and wanted to share a bit about how she got started, what she loves most about her job, and her goals for this year. Scroll down to learn more about Becky and her amazing photography! :) 

Madalyn Manzeck: Tell us a bit about yourself!

Becky Luedcke: Hello! I’m Becky and I am the photographer behind Forever Young Photography. I am married to my high school sweetheart, Mike, and we have a son, Luke, who is almost 7. We just moved to Port Washington and bought an old Victorian house. Besides photography, I run a local made in Wisconsin artisans boutique. I volunteer with some community organizations, my church, and school. As a family we like to travel (especially to California!) and we love to try new foods and restaurants. 

MM: How did you get started with photography?

BL: I went to high school at Port High and took a photography course. Back then we started with 35mm film in the class. I started taking photos for the yearbook and my first paid job was during my Senior year for a friend's Senior pictures. I officially started the business just after high school and went to college for graphic arts and received a photography certificate. I added weddings to my services in 2003. Now I do a wide variety of things from commercial and portrait to weddings and even some real estate. It’s funny that I got my start in school and yearbook and now it has come full circle where I am being asked to teach/mentor/run the yearbook for my son’s school.

MM: What do you LOVE most about photography?

BL: I like working with people and love making people feel good about themselves especially when they see the photos afterwards. I am able to see what people don’t see especially potential when it comes to color, lighting, angles, and space.

MM: What do you find the most challenging?

BL: Sometimes it’s not fun! It’s deeper than just doing what you love. It’s a business and the business side is not my favorite. As much as you want to create, you have to have the willpower to run a business. My husband is my rock and he definitely is my other half. He is left brained and I am right brained. When we shoot weddings, we work together really well and we even have established our own sort of sign language system to communicate while shooting.

MM: What has been your favorite shoot to date?

BL: I can’t really pick just one favorite because there are things I love about each session. I like working with people who are confident and trust me. Those are always the best photos! We build a rapport with each client and then every shoot becomes the favorite because it looks like we connected in the photo, not just someone looking at a camera and smiling. I try to provide something fun and “now” with a classic touch.

MM: What is your favorite subject matter to shoot?

BL: People. I prefer the one on one versus groups because I can build that personal connection. Groups are a little harder to get creative with because there are so many people so backgrounds and poses become limited. 

MM: Who is your favorite photographer?

BL: Katelyn James. She is a Virginia based photographer and I have taken some of her classes. I like that she really found her niche and expanded upon it. She has a light and airy look to all of her photos and she captures people’s candidness in an elegant way. I try to emulate that in what I do. I am constantly inspired by light and airy look and finding my own style.

MM: What inspires you?

BL: Light! I am always inspired by the available light in a certain location. It is the best when you can find a spot that has light shining through and see the light filtering down.

MM: What goals do you have for your photography for the next year?

BL: I am starting a photography mentoring program for all ages, both classes and private lessons. I work with another local photographer to do the classes and networking groups, but I also offer private instruction. The students can learn how to use their camera in a private setting, then practice using it in a group setting. Recently, I’ve been asked to do a lot more teaching yearbook, 4-H, and classes at church. I’m excited to be helping others learn about photography!

MM: What are the main takeaways about your photography business?

BL: Trust and the importance of client relationships. I know it sounds cheesy but I love when my clients come as strangers and leave as friends! I enjoying seeing my clients grow and their families going from weddings to maternity to baby pictures to family portraits to Seniors pictures! It is an honor to be a part of every important life event and you really get the opportunity to become a part of your clients' lives. 


Random Questions:

Early bird or night owl? Night owl

Coffee or tea? Coffee

Summer or winter? Fall!

City or country? Depends on the day!

Nikon or Cannon? Pentax! 

Pizza or pasta? Really I would say tacos!

Movies or concerts? Movies

Date night at home or out on the town? Out on the town!


As always, thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed getting to know a bit about Becky and her photography business. To learn more visit:



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