When I first started looking for internships, never once did I think that I would end up working in the fashion industry. However, it has turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. Working for Madalyn Joy Designs has opened my eyes to so many exciting new things and I am so sad that it is all coming to an end. If it was possible for me to stay with this amazing company full time I would jump at the opportunity.


Over these past nine months, Madalyn has taught me how to be a young professional and how to stand up for what I want. She has been a role model for me and has taught me to always follow my dreams of starting my own business one day. In addition to teaching me all about what it takes to be a fierce boss lady, she even taught me some sewing skills along the way. (Those tulle skirts take forever FYI!) With today being my last day, I would love to share with all of you some of the amazing moments that I have had with this amazing company and the lovely Madalyn.

Memory #1: Flora & Fauna Photo Shoot

During this shoot is when I first started to love the fashion industry and respect everyone who is involved with it. It showed me just how much it takes to get that perfect shot! Anything for the shot, right!? 


Memory #2: Milwaukee Fashion Week

On the day of the big show, it was so crazy with so much was happening and people everywhere! Models were getting their hair and makeup done, clothes were being changed and all the last minute details were being added to the final looks. Everything was crazy and fast paced and I loved every second of it! 


Memory #3: Holiday Collection Photo Shoot and Fashion Show

Not only do I love Christmas but pair it with a fun photo shoot with some amazing people... nothing more a girl could ask for!


Memory #4: Unadorned Magazine Photo Shoot

I loved doing photo shoots! It is so much fun to be behind the scenes and watching everyone work and flow so effortlessly.


These are just a few of the amazing times that I have had at Madalyn Joy Designs. The memories that I have made over these past few months are some that I will cherish forever. Although my time at Madalyn Joy Designs is over, that does not mean I will forget the amazing people I have met. Madalyn started out as my boss but has turned into a wonderful friend. Thank you to everyone who I have met over my amazing journey and I wish you all nothing but the best!


Claire Bromley