Welcome to the behind the scenes of our F/W 18 campaign photo shoot for the Femme Fatale collection! This shoot was a dream come true and quite literally brought our vision to life right before our eyes. Thank you once again to this incredible team for making this collection come to life!

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Here are the show notes for the collection:

“Described as a temptress or seductress who brings disaster to a man, the Femme Fatale collection harnesses the power and sensuality women possess and turns it into a steamy display of structured and strappy lingerie. The rich jewel tone hues of the Italian silk charmeuse play off the delicate French Chantilly lace and detailed hand sewn appliques to create truly sumptuous looks. The powerful leading ladies in James Bond films served as the inspiration for the collection in addition to the power play and shifting role dynamics between modern 21st century couples. The Femme Fatale woman embraces sensuality and power and isn't afraid to take charge.”

The inspiration behind the campaign shoot was Gucci ads from the 90s and the man behind it all, Tom Ford. The ads displayed couples lounging around at home and were charged with sexual tension and energy even though the models were clothed and posing in rather nonchalant ways. My main goal for this shoot was to capture that chemistry and passion between the models without it being overtly sexy and I think we captured just that! Again, both of the models are clothed yet there is a fire and desire that they created for the camera.

Oliver was the obvious male model choice from the beginning because he quite literally is a modern day James Bond and exudes effortlessly coolness 24/7. Keagan was also the perfect fit for this campaign because she looks like a Bond girl with her statuesque height, dark and daring features, and confident demeanor. Keagan and Oliver worked so well together and both of their physical looks and personalities captured the essence and feel of the collection perfectly. Tif was the mastermind photographer behind the official campaign images and I could on and on about her beautiful work. Amy was assisting Tif during the shoot and I truly give her credit for making everything flow so seamlessly. Brooke was the hair stylist on set for the shoot and I think she did an amazing job transforming Keagan into a Bond girl for the shoot. Last but definitely not least we had Reilly Koch and Brooke Komas on set capturing all of the behind the scenes images you see here on the blog in addition to our Instagram. Seriously, this dream team was out of this world and I will forever be grateful!

I just adore all of Brooke’s behind the scenes shots featured here in this post! It is so fun having all of those moments captured because the perfect, final images don’t show all of the awkward poses, touchups, and adjusting that went into getting the shot. I have always been a huge fan of Brooke’s work so it was truly an honor to have her on set capturing the day through her lens. Now that you have seen the behind the scenes shots, make sure to go check out the campaign photos HERE.

Hopefully you enjoyed this little sneak peek into the behind the scenes of the F/W 18 campaign shoot! Next up we will be taking you backstage Milwaukee Fashion Week for another behind the scenes peek of a fashion show and how the models bring the looks to life on the runway. Coming soon!


Madalyn Joy

All photos taken by the talented Brook Komas. Visit her stunning blog HERE.

Follow her on Instagram HERE.

Photo Shoot Team

Models: Keagan Van Eperen and Oliver Whiting

Hair Stylist: Brooke Schry of Chroma Salon

Photographer: Tif Cohen of Tif Cohen Photography

Photography Assistant: Amy Lancaster of Studio Setsuna

Brand Ambassadors: Reilly Koch and Brooke Komas

Designer: Madalyn Joy Manzeck of Madalyn Joy Designs